It’ Oki-To Go! Celebrate Summer with our new picnic menu.

June 16, 2010

To celebrate the fact that summer has finally arrived (well, it has today anyway), we are launching a picnic menu.

Swing by the restaurant and pick up one of our delicious Bento Boxes then head for the beach or just enjoy the beautiful Pavilion gardens on our doorstep.

Choose from the Sushi Bento Box, Salmon Teriyaki or Chicken Teriyaki Bento  – for just £5.95 each.

SUSHI BENTO – Chef’s selection of 6 Maki Rolls, 3 Nigiri Sushi, Edename Beans, Pickled Ginger, Wasabi and Soy Sauce – (vegetarian option also available).

SALMON TERIYAKI BENTO -Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce, Rice, Salad and Pickles

CHICKEN TERIYAKI BENTO – Chargrilled Free-Range Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce, Rice, Salad and Pickles

And don’t forget, you can always phone up and order from our take-away menu. You will find the menu here on our website. Give us a ring and we will arrange for the food to be delivered to your hotel room, home or office.

About the Bento Box:

The Bento Box (or O-bento) is basically what the Japanese call a packed lunch. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat plus one or more pickled or cooked vegetables.  Bento Boxes come with internal dividers for each different type of food and the boxes are sometimes stacked up in layers. Bento lunches come in everything from disposable boxes to beautiful lacquerware – the whole idea is to make the box as pretty as possible. They can be very elaborate – often arranged to look like popular Japanese cartoon characters (anime), animals, buildings, flowers and plants. There are similar forms of boxed lunches in the Philippines (Baon), Korea (Dosirak), Taiwan (Biandang), and India (Tiffin) too.

And in celebration of the Bento, check out these great images  we found online.


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